Chinese Program Update


Dear Parents,

A lottery was conducted by the administrative team to determine enrollment in the Chinese After School Program. Only 7 first graders were chosen. You will have received a paper letter and a robo-phone call to inform you of your child’s acceptance. If you have not received these messages your child will be sent home today via their usual transportation. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Ms.Caudill. ( 773-534-5845)

Thank you,


Homeroom 104 News

Homeroom 104 News for October 16th-20th

1. Picture Day is Wednesday!  Bring your smile!  Picture order envelopes were sent home last week. Please let me know if you need a replacement.

2. Chinese Program Flyer Information- It is not too late to return the form!  I apologize for the due date confusion. More information about the program will be sent home via backpack mail. Email Ms.Caudill with any questions about this wonderful opportunity at

3. Halloween Carnival coming soon!  Children are invited to wear costumes to this fun event.  Please note that children will change into costumes after arriving at Disney and change back into school clothes after the carnival. Costumes should not include masks or weapons. Label all costume items to prevent loss.



Out Thursday

Please note that I will be out of the classroom Thursday, October 12th to serve jury duty.    I hope to be back to teaching on Friday!  I will be unable to answer your emails or take phone calls. If you have any questions or concerns that cannot wait for my return please contact our assistant principal & floor director, Ms. Caudill.

Picture Day


Our class pictures will be taken on Wednesday, October 18th.  If you would like to purchase photos please complete the form and return payment in the provided envelope.  Picture forms & envelopes were sent home in backpacks.  If you did not receive one please contact me for a replacement.

October Homeroom 104 Calendar

UPDATED: – change in math test date, picture day added 


I apologize for the delay in posting the October calendar. The following calendar is a temporary plan for the month of October. I will revise this calendar once the Disney School calendar has been printed.  Thank you for your understanding.


Be Prepared! Be Safe!

This month your child will be participating in three very important safety drills.  


This drill will be used in cases of severe weather emergencies.  During this drill, students will evacuate their classrooms and go to a safe interior location.  Students are instructed how to best protect their body from possible falling debris.


This drill is a “lockdown” drill and prepares students in the event of an intruder or unsafe situation within the school building.


This drill prepares students in the event that an emergency should arise during a bus ride to school or on a classroom field trip. A representative of the transportation company will instruct students how to safely use the emergency exits located on all school buses.

Your child’s well-being is my first priority.  If you have any further questions about these drills or any safety concerns regarding our school building please contact me by calling the school office or sending an email.

Scholastic Book Orders

      Your child has brought home a brochure from the Scholastic Book Clubs.  These book clubs are a convenient way for you to acquire quality children’s literature at very reasonable prices.  Each purchase you make earns our class free Scholastic books.  Please do not feel obligated to make a purchase from the book club.  These books and many other fine books are available at the public library too.

Our school will host a Scholastic Book Fair during our parent-teacher conferences.  A book fair is a temporary book store with part of the proceeds benefiting the Disney PTA.  Students will have the opportunity to browse/purchase books during the school day.  The book fair will be open to all visitors during regular conference hours.  Items for purchase vary in price from $2.00 erasers to $25.00 large hardcover books. A 10% sales tax will be added to all purchases.

Scholastic Book Order Instructions

 Online Ordering:Click on the picture below to be taken to our class link.  Our class code is NFQ96. Follow the instructions on the website to order.  Payment must be made online at time of order.



Delivery: Book orders will arrive about 1 week from the order due date stamped on brochures.  All books will be sent home with your child in their backpack.

Gifts: If you are planning to use all or part of your order as a gift for your child please indicate this with your order.  I will contact you by note/email when your order arrives to arrange special delivery.

Thank you for supporting our reading program!

MAP Testing Next Week


Next week our class will take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test.  CPS administers this test to determine your child’s current reading and math instructional levels and to measure academic growth throughout the school year.

MAP tests are unique in that they adapt to be appropriate for your child’s level of learning.  As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing. And with MAP tests, we can administer shorter tests and use less class time while still receiving detailed, accurate information about your child’s growth.

Math MAP tests will be taken with homeroom classes.

All students in room 104 will test on Monday afternoon 9/18/2017.

Reading MAP tests will be taken with reading teachers.

Brandt (106): Monday 9/11/2017

Thorton-Stocks  (101) Tuesday 9/12/2017

Brannigan (104) & McDonnough (102) Wednesday 9/13/2017

Davis (107) Thursday 9/14/2017

Visit to download the MAP Parent Toolkit. The toolkit includes helpful tips and website links to better prepare your child for the MAP test. Your child will take the MAP tests on a computer. Experience using a desktop computer and mouse is beneficial.


MAP Parent Toolkit