Aspen Parent Portal

Aspen is the primary tool to monitor your child’s academic progress. If you have not already registered, please contact Disney for you child’s PIN number. 

Registration Procedures Video
How to use Aspen Parent Portal site.

Materials Pick-Up

Student workbooks and more are waiting for your children at Disney School. Before you arrive at the school to pick up your child’s belongings, our school staff will have organized the books that are necessary to pick up by grade level. If you have multiple students at Disney, you can pick up all of the materials on one day.  When you arrive at school, please enter the building using the CAC doors on the west side of the building. Directions: Park in one of the lots to the back (West and Southwest) of the school, walk towards the west side of the school where students typically enter and exit,  and you will see a sign for Item Pick-up. 

If you are unable to pick-up your child’s materials during the designated times, please contact the school directly at (773) 534-5840.

CPS- Parent Back to School Online Resources: Thursday, Aug. 27th

Visit CPS FACE2 (link is above) to learn how to have the best remote-learning experience for your children this school year. There will be a live session on Thursday, Aug. 27th. about setting up a home workspace and links to many helpful past recordings are also available. Please note that first-graders will be using Google Classroom (not ZOOM) for assignments and live meeting links.

Ready, Set Go! Getting your child school ready- 10:30 AM   

Let’s get ready for back to school! Setting up schedules, a home library, organized work spaces and more!

Summer Learning for New 1st Graders

Summer Learning Packets

To help support our students over the summer, the Office of Early Childhood, with the help of some amazing teachers, will be developing summer learning packets (in English and Spanish) for Pre-K students transitioning to Kindergarten and Kindergarten students transitioning to 1st grade. These packets can be used by families at any point during the summer to help students stay on track for the fall. 

As packets become available, they will be posted on the PrE-Learning website at (under the Families Remote Learning Resources page). 

The first two packets can be found here: