Lesson Plans week of 5/11-5/15

Download lessons and materials below:

Updates & Reminders:

CPS has updated the grading policy for the 4th quarter. Our class has had excellent participation in all activities, and their grades reflect this hard work. Thank you, families, for supporting your little learners! Here are some important things you need to know:

  1. Teachers are entering grades for work completed and activity participation in the online Aspen gradebook.
  2. Exploratories teachers will also be grading assignments. Please be sure to visit these teachers online. NEW! Links to room 104 Exploratory teachers are clearly listed in the daily lesson plans.
  3. I will not penalize any late written assignments. The final day for mid-quarter progress report grades to be entered by teachers is Wednesday, May 20th.

Have a great week! I look forward to seeing your smiles and book recommendations on Flipgrid.

Lesson Plans 5/4-5/8


Today is Star Wars Day! Here are some fun Star Wars activities for the little (or big) Jedi in your home. These activities are optional. Have a great week everyone & may the force be with you!


April 27- May 1st Remote Learning

 Reminders & Updates:

Student iPad pick-up is available M-F from 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM. Please message me if your family would like to borrow a student iPad from Disney School. Appointments are required.

If any families have questions for the school nurse, Mr. Kosuth, please email him directly at dkosuth@cps.edu. These questions could be related to the health sections of your child’s 504 or IEP, or regarding any medication that is at the school that you would like to retrieve.

Check your ClassDojo messages for passwords and login directions to our new class video-sharing tech link. We can’t wait to see and hear from you on Flipgrid this week!


Great work first-graders! Your photos and online assignments are FANTASTIC! Thank you, families, for helping your students at home. I am so lucky to have a class of amazing students and parents. I GREATLY appreciate all of your hard work! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your family during this time.

Remote Learning April 20-24

Well, it is official, our class will not be returning to Disney School as first-graders. CPS has announced that we will continue “Remote Learning” until the end of the school year. While we all knew this situation was likely to happen, it was still hard to hear. The next time I see those sweet smiles my class will be second-graders and off to start a new year in a new classroom. This was sad news for me and I took some time this weekend to think about how best to prepare my students for next year during this unique learning situation. I have made plans and gathered resources that will ensure your child is ready for second-grade. CPS has not yet provided teachers with details about 4th quarter grading, how families will retrieve personal belongings from classrooms, or what the fall will look like for Disney. I will continue to keep you updated about news via ClassDojo as this information becomes available. We will figure this out together!

Below you will find a link to this week’s lesson document. You will notice that we have returned to our regular reading and math curriculum with links to videos and workbook pages listed. In keeping with the directives from CPS, this is a greatly reduced weekly workload. First-graders will complete approximately 90 minutes of learning activities daily. If your family wishes to do more practice I have provided additional resources for reading and math in the “Enrichment” pages at the end of the document. Students are always welcome to spend more time using learning apps like eSpark and IXL for enrichment too.

Click the link below to download this week’s lesson assignments and materials for students:

Assignments are listed on a daily chart. Feel free to modify the order of these assignments to fit your family’s needs. I understand that some days are busier than others. Students may use weekend days to complete assigned work if needed. Thank you, parents, for all of your help at home. You have been GREAT!

Remote Learning Apr. 13-Apr. 19

Welcome back to remote learning week 4! I hope this message finds your family healthy and safe. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this time. Here are some links to resources from CPS & Disney School:

  1. Meal Pick-Up Times- Disney School is NOT a meal distribution site. Families can pick up meals outside of their nearest CPS school – they DO NOT need to pick up meals at their school of attendance. Use this link to search for a school near you: https://schoolinfo.cps.edu/mealdistributionsites/index.html?timePeriod=spring
  2. Packet Pick-Up – Would your family prefer paper and pencil work for your children? Need extra enrichment activities for your Disney students? School meal distribution sites (see above) will have grade-specific packets available at the meal pick-up tables for students. These are optional activities. You may use these in place of the assigned digital work or as extra practice.
  3. iPad Pick-Up – Disney is providing iPads for students to borrow during the remote learning time. If your family would like an iPad please call the main office or email me to arrange an appointment for pick up.
  4. Counseling Office Website – Providing resources for families including ideas to emotionally support your child during this crisis and links for housing, utilities, internet, & food assistance. https://selwithmc.weebly.com/

CPS Grade 1 Remote Learning Expectations: Students should plan for 90 minutes of learning each day.

Reading: Complete the following activities by Sunday, April 19th

  1. Choose one of the reading activities from the menu each day (5 total). Read for 20 minutes each day. The kids enjoyed this activity so much last week I thought we would do it again. Try a new activity from the menu or repeat a favorite! Happy reading everyone!

2. Watch this BrainPopJr video to review nonfiction text features.

3. Practice IXL 2nd Grade Language Arts: (Have you already done these skills? Way to go! Try a 3rd-grade challenge of your choice!)

E.3 & E.4 Long and Short Vowels W.1 Use text features U.1 Compare and Contrast informational text passages

4. Follow the Scholastic Day 1 Grade 1-2 Activities Animal Studies – Spiders

5. Complete 60 minutes of eSpark reading this week.

Optional Enrichment Activity: Fans of Dav Pilkey can join the author and Dog Man for creative activities at Scholastic!

Math: Complete the following 5 shape activities by Sunday, April 19th. You do not need to print these pages… Students may draw pictures on paper from your home. Send a photo using ClassDojo or email to ktbrannigan@cps.edu to show your work.

Activity 1: Shape picture challenge: You will need 1 die from a board game.

Activity 2: Create a picture using the shapes described. A shape drawing guide is provided.

Activity 3: Go on a 3D shape hunt. Draw the items you found.

Activity 4: Watch shape videos with a pet or stuffed animal.

Watch this fun Shape Practice video. Pay close attention to the quadrilateral section of the video!  What is a quadrilateral? Teach the meaning of a quadrilateral to your pet (stuffed pets work too!)


Grab a microphone and have a sing-along with your super-smart pet. Here is a shape song to sing together!

Activity 5: Complete 60 minutes of eSpark math this week.

Optional Enrichment: This website has GREAT shape games. Check out the geoboard, symmetry, and more!  Most of the games are tablet friendly.


Science & Social Studies: Complete the following activities by Sunday, April 19th. Families are welcome to share photos of children completing learning activities to be shared on Disney’s social media sites. Please include a note giving consent to share online with the photo.

  1. Field Trip!  Pack a picnic snack and see the animals of the San Diego Zoo!  When I checked the live cameras, the animals of the African plains were very busy, the koala was napping, the penguins were chatting, and the other animals were hiding. Just like a real zoo visit, some animals will be inside when it rains! I wonder who you will see on your virtual field trip?

2. New! Sesame Street Resources

  • Optional: Visit Sesame Street in Communities, where we just added relevant new videos, printables and learning-at-home resources for your family!

3. Choose one of the creative activities from below.  Complete at home with the help of an adult.

4. Optional Enrichment: Science is brought to life in this podcast that tells stories about science discoveries with help from actual scientists. They answer questions from why cats always seem to land on their feet to what a journey to the center of the earth would look like.

Have questions about this week’s remote learning? email ktbrannigan@cps.edu or message me on ClassDojo

I’m sending smiles to brighten up your day! Watch ClassDojo for updates and awards. Stay safe and healthy everyone. I miss you!


Mrs. Brannigan

Happy Spring Break!

The Chicago Public Schools will begin vacation on Monday, April 6th. Enjoy a week of relaxing family time! New learning assignments will be posted on Monday, April 13th.

The Disney school building will be closed next week. CPS will continue to distribute food to families at a limited number of school sites. Please use the link below for a searchable map of locations near you:


Stay Safe! Be Well! See You Soon!

Music with Ms. Dunne

Build an instrument!
Using household items, create an instrument! Take a photo/video of you playing your instrument and email it to edunne@cps.edu.
See below for some examples. can drums!straw pan pipes! paper plate tambourine!
Notes:Feel free to be as creative or as simple as you like. The instrument must make a noise. There are no other rules! Have fun!
I will post some videos on my website by Monday March 30th if you’d like to see some of my examples!

Walt Disney School NETFLEX and… chillExercise


You have all been on my mind lately.  

I’m going to miss meeting in person while we are away from school. As families adjust to new routines for the coming weeks, I’ve put together a variety of activities to choose from. The first few slides are broken up by grade levels k – 2nd- slide 23rd – 5th – slide 3,  and  6th – 8th – slide 4 and have daily activities to click on for simplicity. Feel free peruse through other slides for additional ideas (I’ll be updating periodically). This is your NETFLEX subscription! Choose activities that fit your interest/schedule. I recommend doing at least 30 minutes of activity each day, especially on the days you have PE at school – one hour is even better if you are up to it. Feel free to reach out to me at aeoneill@cps.edu if you have any questions, new ideas, or successes. 

In health – Mr. O’Neill 



Fun Friday Show & Share

We are trying something new today! I MISS YOU! Let’s share our fun home activities and pictures with classmates. Padlet is an online sharing space for our classroom. Here is how it works:

  1. Check your ClassDojo messages for the Padlet link.
  2. Click the + button in the lower right corner
  3. Type to answer the question: What is something fun you have done this week?
  4. Don’t forget to include your first name!
  5. optional: upload a picture (photo or drawing)
  6. Click the blue area when you are finished
  7. Read what your classmates are doing at home!