Memorial Day

Reminder:  No School Monday, May 30th

Memorial Day is a day to express our gratitude to all those brave hearts who laid down their lives to safeguard our nation.  Check out the “Explore Chicago” link on the sidebar to find local Memorial Day events for your family.

Spring Vacation

REMINDER:  There will be NO CLASSES April 8-15

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing vacation.  There are no assignments or special projects assigned during this time.

Presidents Day


There will be no classes in recognition of Presidents Day on Monday, February 21st.  This day is intended as a celebration of all United States presidents, past and present.

Check out this link from National Geographic Kids to learn some fun facts.  Explore the videos available on the side bar to learn more about our past presidents.


National Geographic Kids


Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 25!  In preparation for this national holiday, we will be reading books about the first Thanksgiving celebration and completing other themed activities in our classroom.  I know this is a very busy travel weekend for many families; if your child will be missing any school days please contact me as soon as possible so that I may gather work to be sent home.

There are no classes Wednesday, November 24 – Friday, November 26th.

Veteran’s Day

There will be no school on  Thursday, November 11th in honor of Veterans Day.  This is a day to thank our veterans for dedicated and loyal service to their country. We thank all our veterans for the sacrifices they have made in their lives to keep our country free. Check out the “Explore Chicago” link on the sidebar to find local events honoring our nation’s veterans this weekend.

Also, a reminder that Report Card Pick Up is Wednesday, November 17th.  There will be no classes for students this day.  More information will be sent home in backpack mail.

Reminder: No School Monday


There will be no classes for students on

Monday, October 11th

in recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This holiday honors indigenous people and cultures around the world. While there is no single definition for indigenous, indigenous people maintain close ties to their ancestral land and traditions. In the United States, some Americans celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of or along with Columbus Day.Enjoy the long weekend! – source: PBS




Room 104 will enjoy some pirate themed fun on Friday! We will learn to talk like pirates, read pirate themed books, and earn some pirate booty for good behavior.  Here are a few words and phrases to continue the pirate fun at home tonight: (from

Captain Booty’s – Talk Like a Pirate – Crash Course

Ahoy! – An energetic greeting to yer fellow mate… like hello.

Aloft – A reference to climbin’ to or being among the sails above or upper rigging overhead on yer ship.

Articles – An agreement of behavior between th’ Captain an’ his crew.

Avast Ye! – A stern request to halt yer activity and listen up.

Aye! – Yes or I agree…

Aye Aye! – Yes, Captain… I’ll take care of it…ye can count on me.

Arrr! (an’ variations) – Arrr or similar (interjection to show excitement or pause) – Yarrr (agreement on yer mates comments) – Harrr (expresses amusement or laughter)

Bilge Rat! – A scoundrel… an’ a general insult lashed upon a shipmate.

Black Spot – A mark givin’ to a pirate of an impending doom… the mark of cursed soul!

Booty – A pirates treasure… make sure ye get yer share while playin’ a game o’ Crossbones matey!

Broadside – A discharge of all cannons… attackin’ the main (broad) part of an enemy ship.

Cap’n – A reference to a superior officer… Captain o’ the ship.

Davy Jones’ Locker – A final restin’ place at the bottom o’ the sea for drowned pirates. – See more at: