Behavior Expectations

Our Classroom Rules





     These four simple rules cover just about everything that can happen during a typical day of first grade!  During the first week of school, I will introduce these rules and ask the children to help me brainstorm other rules that they feel are necessary to create a safe, happy place of learning.

     After determining our rules I will introduce our “Clip Chart”.  The “Clip Chart” serves as a visual reminder to make good choices during the day.  Each child will have a clothespin labeled with their name.  The clothespins begin each day clipped to the middle, green section and then travel up or down the chart based on student behavior.  If a student makes a good choice, the clothespin moves up the colored ladder.  Make poor choices and the clothespin moves down the ladder.  The yellow area serves as a warning.  Students that move to the orange area receive a consequence appropriate to their actions.  For example, a student who is disrupting a lesson by talking with a classmate will be moved away from the group for the remainder of the class period.  The final step on the chart is the red area.  Students who need to move to this level will be sent home with a note to be signed by a guardian and returned

    What I love about the “Clip Chart” is that it rewards the students that are working hard and gives students that have made poor choices a chance to ‘turn around’ their day.  A student who needed to move their clip down for talking during a math lesson will later move their clip up the chart for following directions during science.  After all, we are learning how to be a good friend and student in first grade.  Everyone makes mistakes.  The important thing for my students to learn is how to accept those mistakes and make good choices in the future.

picture from Queen of the First Grade Jungle Blog


Party     In addition to the “Clip Chart” students will also earn Class Dojo points for demonstrating positive learning behavior in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to connect to our Class Dojo account. An informational letter will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. You will be able to monitor your child’s daily point earnings, receive reminders,  and send messages directly to teachers from your phone!