eLearning Plan March 30th -April 3rd

1st Graders: Keep exercising your brain! Complete the activities below during the next 5 days. This is your schoolwork for the whole WEEK! Please do not try to do it all in one day.

Parents; If you would like to share photos of your child working on any of the assigned tasks to be used on the Disney School social media sites, please include a note giving consent with the photo. Send pics via Class Dojo or email. Thank you!

P.S. – Next week is Spring Break! I am not assigning new work. This website will be available if you would like to revisit enrichment activities shared earlier.

Reading 104:

Complete 1 item from the Menu below each day.

Watch the videos below to review comprehension skills.

Read 3 books from your RAZ Kids Assignment Rocket.

Complete the following IXL enrichment activities.

IXL 2nd Grade Language Arts:

V.2 analyze stories

B.4 Rhyming

P.1 Order Events

Q.2 Inference

Math 104:

Choose 3 activities from the Board below to complete this week.

Watch BrainPopJr shapes videos to review shape names and features.

Complete the following IXL enrichment activities.

IXL 2nd Grade Math:

T. 1 & T.2 2D shapes

U. 1 & U.2 3D shapes

Extra Fun: Visit this website for fun ways to make shapes at home. (optional activity)


Room 104 Social Studies & Science: Ice Cream!

Watch BrainPopJr. Video: Goods and Services

Imaginative Play: Create your own food shop and “sell” treats. Use real money to practice counting coins and making change from $1.00.

Write a menu for your pretend shop.  Include a description and prices for each item. (The link above is to make special play-doh. This is not required. Use your imagination to make a shop in your home. Use items from the pantry to “sell” to your customers or use your art supplies to create foods.) What kind of shop will you create?

Challenge: write receipts for your customers. Add their items to determine the total cost of the purchase. Can you make the change for purchases under $1.00 too?

Watch BrainPopJr Video: Changing States of Matter to find out what happens to Moby’s ice cream cone.

How are ice cream cones made? Watch the video to find out;

STEM and Movement Enrichment (optional)

What can you do with a balloon? Click the link to find fun activities for the whole family.

eSpark Reading & Math Enrichment

Complete 1 hour of eSpark  reading practice this week. (You can work for 10-15+ minutes each day.)

Complete 1 hour of eSpark  math practice this week. (You can work for 10-15+ minutes each day.)

What about the reading and math packets?

Already finished? Hooray! Keep the packet safe. Not done yet? Our current return date is April 21st. You have 3 weeks to finish the pages. Make a plan that works for you and keep the packet in a safe place when you are finished. PACKETS WILL BE COLLECTED WHEN WE RETURN TO SCHOOL.

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