Remote Learning 5/26-5/29

Download lesson plans below:

Reminders & Updates:

  1. Your child will be starting Chapter 12 math lessons this week. GoMath workbooks are available for pick-up at Disney School. Office hours are 9-1 Monday-Friday. The workbook pages are also available in the lesson plan document if you would prefer not to go to the school building.
  2. CPS has asked teachers to help prepare personal belongings for pick-up. I know we have some headphones and changes of clothing left in the classroom. I will send updates about when your child’s items will be available. (most likely the week of June 8th)
  3. The weather is the focus of our reading book this week. Spending time outdoors observing weather patterns, clouds, and how people enjoy different kinds of weather are wonderful extensions of our learning. Frog and Toad fly a kite in our story. Maybe one day this week will be a good day for your family to fly a kite too!

Have a great week, everyone! I miss you, and I hope you are keeping safe!

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