Journeys Language Arts

Journeys is a comprehensive language arts program that provides systematic instruction for Reading Literature and Informational Text, Foundational Skills, Speaking and Listening and Writing.

Your child’s language arts teacher may not be the same as their homeroom teacher. We will use test data and class performance information to place children into classes that are taught at different levels of instruction in order to best meet the needs of all students. These groups will change throughout the year as new student data is collected. Your child’s daily reading homework will be brought home in a RED folder.

Mrs. Brannigan’s Language Class (Room 104 Reading): Spelling tests will be given on Friday mornings. Students should be able to correctly spell and neatly write each word.  Vocabulary tests will be given Thursday mornings. Students should be able to correctly read and use the vocabulary word in a sentence. Correct spelling of vocabulary words is encouraged but not required.

Please check our class weekly newsletter each Monday for any changes to our testing schedule or word lists.

Spelling City Practice Link:

Lesson 1: What is a Pal?

Spelling Words: at     sat     mat     man     hand   plan    stand

Vocabulary Words: and     with     help     you     play     be

Lesson 2: The Storm

Spelling Words: if     rip     fit     pin     slip     grin     quit

Vocabulary Words: for    have    he      look    too     what

Lesson 3: Curious George at School

Spelling Words:   log     dot     top     hot     ox     crop     shop     pond     not     knot

Vocabulary Words:   they     find     do     funny

Lesson 4: Lucia’s Neighborhood

Spelling Words:   yet     web    pen   wet   leg    hen   dent    lend   send   tell

Vocabulary Words:  all   does    my    here

Lesson 5: Gus Takes the Train

Spelling Words:  up    bug    mud    nut     hug   tub    shut    full    pull    snug

Vocabulary Words: friend    many    good   many   hold

Lesson 6: Jack and the Wolf

Spelling Words: add    pass    hand   stand   rang   sang   dress   clock  wall  tall

Vocabulary Words:  said   come   away   every  hear

Lesson 7: How Animals Communicate

Spelling Words:  trip    grin    slip   stick   shrimp    mint   why   some   how   of

Vocabulary Words:  make    animal

Lesson 8: A Musical Day

Spelling Words: clock  stop   shop   block   flock   hop   chop   mop  rock  sock  knock

Vocabulary Words: her   she   now   today   our   would

Lesson 9: Dr. Suess

Spelling Words: desk    vest    swelll   shell  step   speck    boys    boxes   men   children

Vocabulary Words:  after   was   write    because

Lesson 10: A Cupcake Party

Spelling Words: jump    must    runt    stung   bugs   fund   give    one    small   put

Vocabulary Words:   eat   take

Lesson 11: At Home in the Ocean

Spelling Words:  that    then   this   them   with   bath   thick   tenth   cold   blue

Vocabulary Words: far   where   water   their   live

Lesson 12: His Leopard Got His Spots

Spelling Words: match   pitch   munch   chirp   which   chick   been  know   out   very

Vocabulary Words: brown   never   off   own

Lesson 13: Seasons

Spelling Words: shell   graph   shock    when   where   shelf  ship   shop   whip  fish

Vocabulary Words: green  grow   yellow  down   fall   goes   open

Lesson 14: The Big Race

Spelling Words:  waves   chase   shape   brave   plate  awake  over   into   starts   watch

Vocabulary Words: one    two    three   four   five

Lesson 15: Animal Groups

Spelling Words:  stripe    mice   white   drive   alike   excite   those   both  or   walk

Vocabulary Words: bird   both  eyes   fly  long   or   those  walk

Lesson 16: Let’s Go to the Moon

Spelling Words:  chose  wrote    become    whole    rope    joke   bone   stove  stone   stroke

Vocabulary Words: around  think   because  bring   before  show  think  light  carry

Lesson 17: The Big Trip

Spelling Words:  street   please   sleet   these   seam  mean   heat  sheep   three  each

Vocabulary Words: sure  maybe  could  about  there  car

Lesson 18: Where does your food come from?

Spelling Words: paint   spray   grain  today  tray   display  stain  claim  way  mail

Vocabulary Words: these  ground  food   right  first  sometimes  your  under

Lesson 19: Tomas Rivera

Spelling Words: flown  toast   boast  road  toad  slow  blown  throw  own  load

Vocabulary Words: done   great  laugh  paper   soon   talk   were   work

Lesson 20: Little Rabbit’s Tale

Spelling Words:  rowboat  homemade  playpen  raincoat  newspaper  himself  sunflower             football  flagpole  backpack

Vocabulary Words: more  door  want   old  use  wash  mother  try

Lesson 21: Frog & Toad- The Garden

Spelling Words: smart  chart   swarm   spark  alarm   apart   heart   remark   farm   barnyard

Vocabulary Words: story   loudly  window  shall   noise  world  few  night

Lesson 22: Amazing Animals

Spelling Words: curl  third  turn   straw   launch   caught   yogurt   bluebird  whirl    April

Vocabulary Words: until   follow   baby  young  learning  years  eight   begins

Lesson 23: Whistle for Willie

Spelling Words: Tuesday   Wednesday   October  November  crook   wood  hoof   cookbook  childhood    soot

Vocabulary Words: together  nothing  father

Lesson 24: A Tree is a Plant

Spelling Words:  soon   new   noon   zoo   boot   too  moon   blew   soup  you

Vocabulary Words:  almost country  covered  earth  kinds   ready  soil  warms

Lesson 25: A New Friend

Spelling Words: shout   power   sound  around   downtown  outside   sour   shout  brown  crown

Vocabulary Words: family   school  myself  party  city  buy

Lesson 26: The Dot

Spelling Words:  write   writing   grab   grabbed   swim   swimming   mix  mixing   race  raced

Vocabulary  Words:  above  bear  even  pushed  studied  surprised  teacher  toward

Lesson 27: What Can You Do?

Spelling Words: short   shorter  shortest  soon   sooner   soonest  thick  thicker  thickest   fastest

Vocabulary Words:  near  always  different  enough  high  once  happy stories

Lesson 28:  Frog and Toad- The Kite

Spelling Words: myself   brighter  night   lightening  height  fright   city  cities  flies   family

Vocabulary Words:  across  head  second  ball  heard  cried  large  should

Lesson 29: Hi Fly Guy!

Spelling Words: quick   quickly   hope   hopeful  help  helpful  mild   mildly  disgrace  disgraceful

Vocabulary  Words:  minute  caught  took  beautiful  friendship  idea  listen  thought  beautiful

Lesson 30:  Mia Hamm

Spelling Words: redo   replay   rewrite  renew  refill   unclean  unkind   unfair  unwrap  unlock

Vocabulary Words: everyone  most    people  brothers  field   only   sorry