Go Math!

Go Math! combines 21st-century educational technology with modern content, dynamic interactives, and a variety of instructional videos to engage students. Written to fully support new math standards and offers a variety of differentiated instructional materials. Your child will have daily classroom and homework assignments from the Go Math! workbook. Families should also practice math addition and subtraction facts every night.


IXL is a math skills subscription website. Your child will be given their IXL username and password during the first month of school. Students are strongly encouraged to practice the corresponding IXL links that match our classroom learning. IXL is a great tool to build lasting math skills and confidence! Below are the first-grade math links for each GO Math! chapter. Challenge your child to try the 2nd-grade math links for enrichment!

Chapter 1: Addition Concepts

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: B.1, B.2, B.4, D.2, D.3, D.4, D.5

Chapter 2: Subtraction Concepts

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: F.1, F.2, F.4, H.1, H.2, H.3, H.4, H.5, H.6

Chapter 3: Addition Strategies

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: D.1, D.8, D.14, E.1, E.2, E.4, E.5, E.11, E.12

Chapter 4: Subtraction Strategies

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: D.8, H.5, H.9, H.10, J.3

Chapter 5: Addition and Subtraction Relationships

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: D.2, D.3, D.4, D.11,D.14, D.15, H.2, H.3, H.5, H.9, H.13, H.14, J.3, J.7

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills: K.1, K.2, K.3, E.12, E.14, F.10, F.12,

Chapter 6: Count and Model Numbers

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: A.4, A.13, D.17, D.18, M.1, M.2, M.3, M.4

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills: A.9, A.10, A.11, A.12, M.5, M.1, M.8, M.9, M.10

Chapter 7: Compare Numbers

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: K.3, J.8

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills:  C.2, C.4, M.2, M.3, M.11, M.12, M.14, M.15, B.1, B.2, B.3, B.4, B.5, B.6

Chapter 8: Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: D.8, D.16, D.18, D.19, E.9, E.10, H.9, J.5, I.3

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills: G.4, G.5, G.6, G.9, G.10, G.13, G.14, G.15, G.16, H.3, H.4, H.5, H.6, H.10, M.1, M.2, M.11

Chapter 9: Measurement

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: P.2, P.3, U.2, U.3, U.4

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills:  Q.2, Q.3, Q.4, Q.5, Q.6, Q.7, Q.8, R. 5, R.6, S.2, S.4, S.8, S.10

Chapter 10: Represent Data

IXL 1st-Grade Skills: O.1, O.2, O.3

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills: R.1, R.2, R.3, R.4, R.7, R.8

Chapter 11: Three-Dimensional Geometry

IXL 1st-Grade Skills:  W.2

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills:  U.1, U.3, U.4

Chapter 12: Two-Dimensional Geometry

IXL 1st-Grade Skills:  V.1, V.3, X.1

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills:  T.1, T. 3, T.4

Superhero Second Grade Lessons: Introduction to 2nd-grade math skills. 

IXL 2nd-Grade Skills: E.21, E.22, E.23, E.24, P.1-P.10 (money) V.4 (area), W.1-W.3 (fractions)


Parents and students will be provided XtraMath login information during the 3rd quarter of the school year. Children will practice math facts 3 days a week during school hours. Families are encouraged to add daily practice to their home routines.

From XtraMath:  Think of XtraMath as a math vitamin! For best results, your child should do XtraMath once per day as regularly as possible. It only takes a few minutes to make it a part of your daily routine. Math facts are the building blocks of your child’s math education and your child will be well rewarded for the time they spend practicing on XtraMath.