Disney’s Comprehensive Gifted Program

Gifted education programs are designed as instructional programs with learning settings that provide supportive services and materials that modify, supplement and support the standard education programs of the Chicago Public Schools. Gifted students are those who consistently excel or show the potential to be consistently at an advanced learning pace than their age-level peers.

To best meet the unique learning needs of high-potential learners, stakeholders commit to differentiating curriculum and instruction within these classrooms. Differentiation features for gifted curriculum include acceleration, complexity, depth, challenge, creativity, abstraction. Activities that incorporate problem-solving with real-world application, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, ethical studies, and an empathetic view on global issues impacting global awareness are incorporated into all subject areas. Acceleration and compacting are the most effective instructional strategies for the gifted and talented population. When these instructional strategies are thoughtfully and deliberately employed, we can provide a learning environment that will maximize the potential of our gifted and talented population.

-source: Chicago Public Schools Department of Gifted and Talented Learning

Students are selected for Disney’s first-grade Comprehensive Gifted Program at the end of their kindergarten school year. The criteria relate to the results of the┬áComprehensive Gifted Test taken by students, their performance in class (rated a 1,2,3 or 4), and a survey that our Kindergarten teachers complete related to academic progress and social and emotional growth. The weights of these three elements can be seen below:
Comprehensive Gifted Test: 45%, Academic Performance in Class: 45%, Survey Related to Academic and SEL Progress: 10%
An overall score related to these three elements is calculated for each student, and the top scores are placed in the program. Placement in the Comprehensive Gifted Class is analyzed on a yearly basis based on academic performance. For more information about the selection process, please contact Ms. Nneka Thompson, first-floor director/assistant principal.

The Board of Education requires letter grades for all students beginning in first grade. At this age, children are still developing at different rates and have varying abilities. I will not be discussing grades with the children in the classroom or showing them their report cards. I strongly recommend that you also do not focus on the report card grade but rather celebrate the effort your child puts forth toward assignments and the growth they have made thus far.

Your child’s grades in each subject will be weighted with the following categories:

Assessments: 35%, Class Assignments: 30%, Participation: 25%, Homework: 10%

A = 90%-100% B = 80%-89% C = 70%-79% D = 60%-69% F = 59% and below