Mrs. Brannigan

Hi Super Kids!

Here is a page filled with information all about me.  I can’t wait to hear all about your favorite things!

1.) My Family:  I live with Mr. Brannigan & our 3 kids (Maddie, Kaitlyn, Sean).  Right now our house is without a pet.  However, in the past we have included a hedgehog, a dog, frogs, fish, and butterflies as part of our family too.

My kids and I enjoy exploring the outdoors. This photo was taken on one of treasure hunting trips last summer. My kids love to follow the clues and find the hidden boxes from the website.

2.) My Favorite Color: Blue – It reminds me of the ocean waves at the beach.  (My favorite place to vacation.)

3.) My Favorite Food: popcorn for snack time & McDonald’s french fries for a special treat

4.) My Favorite Candy: Twizzlers Red Licorice

5.) My Favorite Kid Movies: Despicable Me (The little minions make me laugh!) and all of the Muppet movies.

6.) My Hobbies:  My favorite hobby is to READ!  Right now, I am reading about far away countries.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to visit those amazing places. When the weather is nice, I love to dig in the dirt and care for the plants in our backyard garden.  We grow flowers, vegetables, & strawberries!  I also collect fun magnets to use at home and in the classroom.  My growing collection includes magnets from all the places I visit with my family and many special homemade magnets from my very artistic students.

7.) My Favorite Sports Team:  Chicago Bears


8.) Someday I would like to… visit all seven continents

9.) My Favorite School Subject:  Science – I like to learn about the world around us and why things happen.  The messy experiments are fun too!