Mrs. Brannigan

I met a NASA astronaut on our family vacation to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida! Captain Stefanyshyn-Piper has flown on two Space Shuttle missions and completed 5 spacewalks.

Hi Super Kids!

Here is a page filled with information all about me.  I can’t wait to hear all about your favorite things!

1.) My Family:  I live with Mr. Brannigan & our 3 kids.  Right now our house is without a pet.  However, in the past we have included a hedgehog, a dog, frogs, fish, and butterflies as part of our family too.

2.) My Favorite Color: Blue – It reminds me of the ocean waves at the beach.  (My favorite place to vacation.)

3.) My Favorite Food: popcorn for snack time & chocolate chip cookies for a special treat

4.) My Favorite Candy: Starburst

5.) My Favorite Kid Movies: Despicable Me (The little minions make me laugh!) and all of the Shrek movies (I like to sing along with the music!)

6.) My Hobbies:  My favorite hobby is to READ!  Right now, I am reading about far away countries.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to visit those amazing places. When the weather is nice, I love to dig in the dirt and care for the plants in our backyard garden.  We grow flowers, vegetables, & strawberries!  I also collect fun magnets to use at home and in the classroom.  My growing collection includes magnets from all the places I visit with my family and many special homemade magnets from my very artistic students.

7.) My Favorite Sports Team:  Chicago Bears


8.) Someday I would like to… visit all seven continents

9.) My Favorite School Subject:  Science – I like to learn about the world around us and why things happen.  The messy experiments are fun too!