Germs & Absence

Cold & Flu season has arrived here in Chicago!  In an effort to prevent the spread of germs in our classroom we are continuing our regular hand washing and cleaning our desks daily.  Additionally, I use Lysol spray to kill germs on frequently used classroom materials.  Please help us stop the spread of contagious diseases at our school.

  • Get the flu & Covid vaccines.
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially before eating and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.
  • Keep your sneezes and coughs to yourself (use a tissue or your elbow instead of your hand).
  • Keep your hands out of your eyes, mouth, and nose.

Notify the school nurse if your child is ill, especially if they have been diagnosed by a physician as having a communicable disease.  Thank you!


chicken pox  –   mumps   –  measles

infectious hepatitis  –   MRSA skin infections

Impetigo  –   Scabies  –   Lice

Strep Throat   –  Diagnosed Flu

Pertussis   –  Cough & Fever

COVID virus

* REMINDER: All absences require a signed note from parent/guardian upon the student’s return to the classroom.  You may send a handwritten note stating name/date/reason for absence or click on the picture below to print Absence Report form.