Student Portfolios


Throughout the year, your child will be collecting and saving samples of work in a portfolio.  This collection will reflect growth over time, and will give your child and you a deeper understanding of the learning that takes place in first grade.  It is also an opportunity, to better understand your child’s interest, needs, and progress.

The portfolio will contain a variety of work including writing (drafts and published pieces), reading documents, special projects, math problems, and photos that demonstrate your child’s learning and hard work.  The portfolio will be managed by the children to develop their organization skills and extend their responsibility and ownership in their work.  We will be selecting work that best represents each student’s growth over time.  For this reason, not all student work will be sent home.  We will share our portfolios with families during a special celebration at the end of the school year.  At that time, a few selected items will be set aside to be shared with your child’s future teacher and the remaining portfolio will be taken home for you to enjoy.  The contents of your child’s portfolio and your child’s reflections about the learning that it represents will present a richer, more complete picture of the growth your child has made this school year.